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SLK Land & Properties is a property company, with offices in London and Scotland. Our properties and projects are UK wide, and we focus on the following:
1. Promoting strategic land.
2. Commercial property - acquiring, developing, managing and investing in properties.
3. Residential property - acquiring and developing land and existing buildings.

4. Land and property brokering.

Company Profile

Our Mission

Our mission is to raise the values of, and yields from, land and property, and provide our JV partners and landowners with generous returns on their investments.

We do this sustainably and in a way that improves the communities in which our projects are located.

Our Team and Past Projects

Our multi-disciplinary team directs and manages the entire project, including acquisition, funding, the planning and design process, the construction stage as well as the necessary marketing. 

The team has over 25 years of development, planning, managing and design expertise gleaned from their experience working for organisations including St George PLC, Balfour Beatty, The Prince’s Foundation, Isis Waterside Regeneration, Sutton Harbour Holdings PLC, Studio LK Limited and Fortune Builders Inc. in San Diego, California.

The team has raised the value of many strategic sites in England, Wales and Scotland, and are in the process of building commercial and residential portfolios for clients as well as for SLK Land & Properties. Past projects include:


  • 5,000 units mixed use development in Devon

  • 4,800 units mixed use development in Wales

  • 2,500 units mixed use development in Aberdeenshire

  • 750 units mixed use development in Ayrshire

  • 500 units mixed use development in Leicester

  • 650 units mixed use development in Norwich

  • 700 units mixed use development in London

The majority of these consented sites have been (or are in the process of being) developed.

Current Projects

Our current projects include:

  • residential land promotion on the edge of St Albans (in the process of being sold)

  • residential promotion of airspace in the city of London

  • suburban and infill newbuild residential developments in London

  • office to residential conversion in London

  • commercial development for three drive-through restaurants in Scotland

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