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Commercial Property
SLK Land & Properties acquires, develops and leases all types of commercial property.

We continue to build our portfolio, as well as our JV partners' portfolios, which consist of small, medium and large retail and office spaces, industrial, warehouse, health, pharmaceutical and community premises, which we have developed or refurbished, using joint venture funding.


We provide and manage properties for both regional and national brands.

We aim to acquire commercial property that is:

  • in good secondary locations 

  • distressed

  • single or multiple floors that can be used for mixed use

  • single use buildings / warehouses / industrial units

  • 'Old school’ hotels, bars and restaurants, pubs, clubs, arcades, snooker halls, bowling, small care homes

Residential Property
SLK Land & Properties acquires and develops land for residential dwellings.

We are developing a number of sites in the London area, and continue to look to acquire new sites.


We will be delivering dwellings that will exceed Building Regulations requirements to achieve excellent sustainability levels, such as 0.1 U-Values, using innovative building systems, high levels of insulation and employing the latest technologies that will produce green and inexpensive/free energy.


Our dwellings are built using natural, 'breathable' materials so that the residents may enjoy living in fresh and healthy internal environments.

Our dwellings are also designed to be beautiful and are built to last for the long term (circa one hundred years).


Applying these principles leads to the following benefits for the residents who will be living in each dwelling:

  • increase in health and wellbeing;

  • low energy bills (with the potential to sell energy back to the 'grid');

  • electric car charging (using the energy produced by the dwelling, so much less expensive than petrol/diesel);

  • dwellings that increase in value as a result of their beauty, and the quality of the build;

  • dwellings that are timeless and will age gracefully, again leading to increased values and lower maintenance costs over time.

Strategic Land
SLK Land & Properties are experts in acquiring planning permission for difficult sites in both urban and rural locations. 

Planning promotion is where SLK Land & Properties apply for planning permission for a landower’s land or property at our cost, and not the landowners.


Once planning permission is granted SLK Land & Properties are remunerated following the sale of the consented land, based on a percentage of the consented land value, and this percentage is calculated on the basis of the project risk. 

This is an excellent model for landowners who do not wish to use their own money to speculate on their land, or for landowners who are not familiar with the planning system, which has become a complex process.


Unlike option agreements, planning promotion enables the landowner to benefit from any additional values acquired through the planning process, and is managed through more of a collaborative approach.

Land and Property Brokering
SLK Land & Properties are land and property brokers, facilitating 'win-all' outcomes

SLK Land & Properties helps businesses, brands, housing associations, developers, house builders and individuals find the land and properties they require, whilst also assisting landowners in achieving the highest sale values for their sites and properties, and guaranteed sales.

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